Product Lines

Our ever-expanding product lines.

  • Hair Care

    Hair Care

    Maestro Laboratories spent a lot of time on matching the product quality with current market trend. Our hair care products are mainly used to provide silk and hydrated hair. We have shampoo, conditioner, treatment and styling products for home used. In order to fulfilled customers’ need, Maestro Laboratories also developed shampoo with Sulfate free and Silicone Oil free. We also have developed hair care product by having essential oil instead of fragrance, use plant extract to substitute chemical raw materials. We hope our customers have a sense of safe and relax when they are using our products.
  • Hair Professional

    Hair Professional

    Maestro Laboratories was begins by manufacturing hair care products for professional used only. We have more than 20 years of experience on hair professional products manufacturing and we have a complete range of product for saloon to choose, such as: shampoo, conditioner, treatment, pre-chemical treatment, colorant, rebonding cream, perming lotion, after-chemical treatment and accessories for saloon use. We also have product brand ranges from lower price, which targeted on low-end market to more expensive product that is targeted on high-end customers.
  • Skin Care

    Skin Care

    Maestro Laboratories developed variety of formulation in order to prevent skin care problem such as sensitive skin, acne skin, dehydrated skin and aging skin. We have several cleansers that are compatible in the market, from soap base cleanser, cream base cleanser to gel base cleanser. For our skin care series, we have cleanser, cleansing cream to clean the makeup, makeup remover, toner, serum, essence, day cream, night cream, acne cream, blackhead softener, sleeping mask, paper mask, cream base foundation and so on. Some popular ingredients are Vitamin E, geranium flower aroma and some plant extracts. We are able to make the changes according to customer’s need.
  • Body & Health Care

    Body & Health Care

    Maestro Laboratories developed various formulas for body care such as body shampoo, body scrub, fragrance body shampoo, body lotion, body mist, hormone cream and slimming cream. Customers are always welcome to choose the fragrance and color of their product. The main concern of our body care product is to nourish and moisturize skin.

    Maestro Laboratories also developed formula for some beauty concern and health care product such as chocolate for slimming purpose, chocolate for breast enhancement, chocolate for rheumatic pain relief purpose, chocolate for male erection purpose, cookie to promote bone health and others.

  • Fragrance


    Maestro Laboratories manufactured variety fragrance products such as fragrance cream, body mist, EDP, and EDT. Customers can manipulate the fragrance smell and the percentage of fragrance as well as the packaging. All of our fragrance products are OEM / Private Label only.
  • Kids & Baby

    Kids & Baby

    For Kids & Baby shampoo, Maestro Laboratories insist on having the most natural ingredient in order to protect baby’s skin. With that say, we suggest our customers to do sulfate free, silicone oil free, colorant free, as well as fragrance free product if it is for kids & baby market. Maestro Laboratories currently do not produce kids & baby products under our own brand but with OEM only.